Monday, August 5, 2013

Essential Brushes!

While people often avoid splurging on makeup brushes, they are key to keeping any look polished and airbrushed! Here are the essential brushes that everyone should have in their makeup bag! Personally, I think Sigma brushes are the best in the business as they are relatively cheap yet high-quality brushes! You can purchase these brushes at
Foundation Brush: ( F 60)  ($16.00) This brush is usually used to apply liquid, cream or mousse foundations on the face. However, it can also be used to apply cream blush as well as to apply concealer in areas needed. The best way to use this brush is to pat in the foundation (rather than to brush or smear the product on the face) in order to get the best coverage, as we all want that highly coveted air-brushed look!

Kabuki Brush: (F 80 or F 82) ($18.00) This brush is so convenient to have in your makeup bag as it easily replaces multiple brushes! It can be used to apply powder foundation, blush, and mineral powder or setting powder. Once again, the best way to use this brush is to pat on the powder in areas needed rather than to brush on or smear the product on the face as this often strips away product.

Eye Shading Brush: (E 55) ($10.00) This brush is ESSENTIAL to apply eye shadow on the lid. The dense bristles on the brush minimize fall-out when applying eye shadow and allows you to pack on product in order to get the best application. Additionally, you can apply eye shadow wet or dry with this brush.

Blending Brush: (E 40) ($12.00) This brush is useful to apply eye shadow into the crease as well as to blend out any harsh lines in order to get a flawless, seamless look. It is also key to any smokey eye! This brush honestly just makes any complex eye tutorial alot easier to achieve.

In my opinion these brushes are essential for anyone when applying makeup. However, you can definitely expand your brush collection after that. The cool thing about Sigma is that they have brush kits starting at $65.00 where you can get 7 brushes!!! Thus the collection kits are great for those who are trying to expand their brush collection in a less expensive manner.